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Why Leasing Makes Perfect Sense

Leasing preserves your cash
Leasing is the smart way to acquire equipment, computers, and software for your business. A Gallup survey shows that 80% of U.S. businesses lease a portion of their equipment. Briefly, here's why:

No down payment
No large cash outlay
The low, fixed monthly lease payments are a hedge against inflation
  Lease payments come out of pretax income, instead of after-tax profits.
  The rule of thumb is: buy what appreciates, lease what depreciates


Protect your Bank Lines of Credit
Since your bank lines are untouched, and there's no down payment, leasing frees working capital so you can run your business more productively. You can usually qualify for a lease, up to 150K, faster than you can fill out the forms for a bank loan.


Flexible Terms
At the end of the lease contract, you have various options:

return the equipment with no further obligation
purchase it outright
purchase options: $1, fair market value
  extend the lease

Upgrade for Less
With leasing, you can upgrade equipment and add peripherals for just a few extra dollars per month, as the need arises. This allows you to avoid obsolescence and keep your cash liquid. These upgrades can generally be made with the same terms. In some cases, your payments may even be lower!

We've got you covered!
Leasing usually covers such "hidden" costs as training, customization, delivery, and installation.

The Lease process is easy!
KAICO makes leasing so easy. A simple one-page application gets the ball rolling. You can often be approved within hours. You may qualify for one of the more popular and flexible lease programs available such as:

Leases up to $150,000 without financial statements
Deferred payment plans
100% software-only leases
  Lease lines of credit

Am I eligible?
You're a good candidate for leasing if your established business has a track record of good credit, stable cash flow, favorable bank and trade references, and two or more years in business under the same ownership.



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